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Relationship problems are one of the most common issues that clients present with, both as individuals and as couples. Sometimes we are able to use the strategies we already know to help them address these problems, particularly if they are to do with communication difficulties. However, it is not uncommon to encounter clients who seem to be on a hamster wheel, going round and round, repeatedly becoming involved with people who don’t make them happy or are toxic, even though they know that that they keep doing it. We can find ourselves wondering why and feeling unsure about what we can do for them. Are such client’s codependent?

This course will teach you about codependence: what it is, how it develops and manifests as well as who is most likely to experience it. It will consider how codependence links to narcissism and help therapists how to recognise codependent traits, whether they possess them themselves and teach them how they can help clients who are affected by codependence to move on and have healthier relationships.

Course Curriculum

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    1. Special Course Terms.

    2. Module 1 - Printable slides

    3. Module 1.1 - Understanding What Codependency Means & What Codependent Traits Are.

    4. Module 1.2 - The History Of Codependency & The Link With Addiction

    1. Module 2 - Printable Slides

    2. Module 2.1 - The Child In The Dysfunctional family

    3. Module 2.2 - Comprehending The Link Between Narcissictic Personality Disorder & Codependency

    4. Module 2.3 - How Do Narcissistic Parents Affect Their Children.

    1. Module 3 - Printable Slides

    2. Module 3.1 - Recognising Codependency Traits In Clients

    3. Module 3.2 - How Best To Help Clients Suffering CoDependency

    4. Module 3.3 - Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents: Addressing Their Specific Problems

    5. Module 3.3. Handout - Questionnaire

    1. End of Course Quiz

    1. End of Course Evaluation

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5 star rating

Appropriate for the course

Tina Berry

The course was very informative and easy to understand

The course was very informative and easy to understand

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4 star rating

Easy to understand


Useful course which is relevant to my work as a counsellor. A good introduction to the subject - not overly academic!

Useful course which is relevant to my work as a counsellor. A good introduction to the subject - not overly academic!

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Associate Counselling Academy Tutor Wendy Gregory

Counselling Psychologist Wendy Gregory is a regular guest psychologist on BBCs Talk Radio. She has also appeared on ITV Daybreak and writes widely for magazines and national newspapers. Wendy has a background in teaching and delivers a range of training workshops and programmes for therapists, teachers and those working in related professions. Wendy has been instrumental in setting up Counselling services in schools for children and young people. Since experiencing a narcissistic relationship, she specialises in helping other survivors and training therapists on this topic. She regularly posts informative videos on her You Tube Channel, “The Wendy House”,

Words For Understanding and Working With Codepent Clients

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