Transactional Analysis

Learn what Transactional Analysis (TA) is, what its core concepts are and how to use it for the analysis of behaviour, therapy, and self-help.

TA is one of the most accessible theories of modern psychology. It has wide applications in clinical, therapeutic, organisational and personal development. It encompasses communications, management, personality, relationships and behaviour. This Introduction to TA will assist you in understanding and incorporating this theory into your practice as a therapist and your understanding of yourself & others.

This course includes a real life example recording with a client which will help you to consolidate what you have learnt. This life changing communication model example shows you how it can be easily delivered to your clients.

TA is the most popular and successful communication tool out there and is popular in all sorts of settings where communication is used - work, family, friends and partner relationships.

This course has been awarded 3.5 CPD hours.

Course Curriculum

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  • 1
    Module 1 - Ego States
    • Special Course Terms.
    • Module 1 - Printable slides
    • Module 1.1 - Ego States & Positions of Change
    • Handout - Mod 1.1 - Ego State Traits
    • Handout - Mod 1.1 - Personality Features
    • Module 1.2 - Working with Families/Children & Life Positions.
    • Module 1.3 - Analysis & Treatment of Goals
    • Handout - Mod 1.3 - OK Corral Grid
  • 2
    Module 2 - Fundamentals of Ego States
    • Module 2 - Printable Slides
    • Module 2.1 - Fundamentals of Ego States Part 1
    • Handout 2.1 Recognising Ego States
    • Handout -Mod 2.1 - Functional Ego States
    • Handout - Mod 2.1 - TED
    • Module 2.2 - Fundamentals of Ego States Pt2
    • Handout -Mod 2.2 - Complimentary & Crossed Examples
    • Handout - Mod 2.2 - Blank Ego state sheet
  • 3
    Module 3 - TA Strategies.
    • Module 3 - Printable Slides
    • Module 3.1 - Scripts
    • Module 3.2 - Games & Rackets
    • Module 3.3 - Strokes & Strategies
    • Handout - Mod 3.3 - Warm Fuzzies Story Handout
    • Module 3.4 - TA in Action
    • Handout - Mod 3.4 - Complimentary & Crossed Examples
    • Handout - 3.4 - Iceberg Analogy (jpg)
    • TA Reading List
  • 4
    End of Course Quiz
    • End of Course Quiz
  • 5
    End of Course Evaluation
    • End of Course Evaluation
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  • I want to get going now, when does it start?

    The course is now live!

  • Is this a weekly course or can I do it at my own pace?

    The course will be available in full so you can complete it in one go or you can spread your learning out at your own pace.

  • Is this a 'Live' real time course?

    No, all learning material is in way of Powerpoint presentation, video, handouts, quizzes etc so you can complete the course at your own pace.

  • Do I get a Completion Certificate?

    Yes, there is a Completion Certificate at the end of the course once you have completed 100% of it.

  • How long will it take me to complete? How long do I have access to it?

    You have access to the full course for life so it's entirely led by you.

  • Is the CPD Accredited?

    No - a CPD does not need to be accredited by anyone, it is Continual Professional Development therefore reading a book comes under CPD hrs for membership bodies. All tutors on our platform are qualified Counsellors and already teach CPD's.


  • Sj Mason

    Associate Counselling Academy Tutor

    Sj Mason

    Sj is a Relate trained & Qualified Counsellor. She completed her 240hr voluntary work placement in East London & Kent. She has over 25 years in Counselling and the Voluntary Sector working with charities helping young vulnerable adults to Age concern. She is passionate about helping others heal their relationship wounds. She pulls in a vast array of theoretical modalities alongside years of Life Coaching and life experiences to work with her couple clients. She focuses on solution rather than problem based therapy, which works really well in triadic work. Sj is also a qualified EMDR & Rewind therapist and works with PTSD & Complex PTSD.