Want to get more Creative?

Are you in a position where you would like to know how to be more creative within your counselling practice but don't know how to go about it? Maybe you want to be able to offer something more, but don't feel you have the skills or basic knowledge to do this. Or perhaps you're simply feeling stuck using the same techniques and approaches over and over again, and want to consider a different way of thinking about things.

If you recognise any of the above, then the Introducing Creativity to Therapeutic Practice is the training for you.

Having been on his own journey of embracing creative approaches into his own practice, Adam has written and designed this training to be informative for practitioners working with both adults and young people alike.

This course has been delivered by Adam face to face in both NHS and private sector and has now been adapted for The Counselling Academy to support practitioners to start embracing creative and new skills which can be easily integrated into exciting practice and clinical knowledge base.

The course is spread across 5 modules which includes theory, practice examples, video demonstrations of some of the practical skills and techniques as well as access to a safe and secure Facebook group to share knowledge, ask questions and continue developing and collaborating with other like minded practitioners.

This course has been awarded 9 CPD hrs.

Course Curriculum

Click each module to see the contents.

    1. Special Course Terms.

    2. Module 1 - Printable slides

    3. Module 1.1 - Why we should be getting Creative in Therapy - Part 1

    4. Module 1.2- Why we should be getting Creative in Therapy - Part 2

    5. Module 1.3 - 8 Organising Ideas to Support Creative Practice

    1. Module 2 - Printable Slides

    2. Module 2.1 - 8 Things That Hold our Creativity Back and Propel it Forwards Part 1

    3. Module 2.2 - 8 Things That Hold our Creativity Back and Propel it Forwards Part 2

    4. Module 2.3 - 8 Things That Hold our Creativity Back and Propel it Forwards Part 3

    1. Module 3 - Printable Slides

    2. Module 3.1 - Using Language Creatively - Part 1

    3. Module 3.2- Using Language Creatively - The Intervention of Externalisation - Part 2

    1. Module 4 - Printable Slides

    2. Module 4.1 - Sandtray in Therapy: 101 the Basics

    3. Module 4.2 - Sandtray in Therapy: Part 2

    4. Module 4.3 - Sandtray in Therapy: Part 3

    5. Handout - Mod 4.3.1 - Resource Sheet A Questions

    6. Handout - Mod 4.3.2 - Resource Sheet B Categories

    7. Handout - Mod 4.3.3 - Resource Sheet C Script and Grounding

    8. Module 4.4 - Sandtray in Therapy: Part 4

    9. Module 4.5 - Video of Sandtray session & Reflective discussion

    1. Module 5 - Printable Slides

    2. Module 5.1 - The Toybox - Short Brief Creative Interventions

    3. Module 5.2 - The Toybox - Mini Sculpting

    4. Module 5.3 - The Toybox - Ecograms.

    5. Handout - Mod 5.3.1 - Ecogram Key

    6. Handout - Mod 5.3.2 - Social Graces

    7. Handout - Mod 5.3.3 - EcoGram Resource Sheet

    8. Handout - Mod 5.3.4 - Resource Sheet Ecogram Prompt Sheet

    9. Module 5.4 - Ecogram Video session and reflection discussion

    1. Reading List

About this course

  • £50.00
  • 33 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content
  • Interactive

    A fully interactive online CPD, watch on any device, watch & listen on your way to work. Watch in your own time at your own pace.

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  • I want to get going now, when does it start?

    The course is now live!

  • Is this a weekly course or can I do it at my own pace?

    The course will be available in full so you can complete it in one go or you can spread your learning out at your own pace.

  • Is this a 'Live' real time course?

    No, all learning material is in way of Powerpoint presentation, video, handouts, quizzes etc so you can complete the course at your own pace.

  • Do I get a Completion Certificate?

    Yes, there is a Completion Certificate at the end of the course once you have completed 100% of it.
    This course is awarded 9 CPD hrs

  • How long will it take me to complete? How long do I have access to it?

    You have access to the full course for life so it's entirely led by you.

  • Is the CPD Accredited?

    No - a CPD does not need to be accredited by anyone, it is Continual Professional Development therefore reading a book comes under CPD hrs for membership bodies. All tutors on our platform are qualified Counsellors and already teach CPD's.


Associate Counselling Academy Tutor Adam Digby

Adam is an experienced Systemic Family Practitioner and is trained in Dialectical Behavioural Therapy by members of Marsha Linehan’s US team. He has a special interest in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and being a Registered Clinical Specialist in Mental Health has worked in the industry for over eighteen years, with ten of these years focusing on providing both DBT and Systemic interventions with young people and adults. Adam is passionate about training and education holding Guest Lecturing Status with London South Bank Universities School of Health and Social Care. He currently actively provides both Systemic and DBT informed interventions in both the NHS and independent practice settings.